History and Information

Delta Omicron Creed

This truth comes to us more and more, the longer we live, that in what field, or in what uniform, or with what aims we do our duty, matters very little; or even what our duty is, great or small, splendid or obscure, only to find our duty certainly and somewhere, somehow do it faithfully, makes us good, strong, happy and useful, and tunes our lives into some feeble echo of the life of God.

--Phillips Brooks

Mission Statement

The Mission of Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity is to promote and support excellence in music and musicianship.


Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity is a professional fraternity in the field of music with collegiate chapters established throughout the United States and abroad. The fraternity was founded in 1909 at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music by three undergraduate students. The Founders were Hazel Wilson, Lorena Creamer, and Mable Dunn. Delta Omicron is the only organization of its kind founded by students for students. From 1909 to the present, twenty-six Delta Omicron national presidents have guided the fraternity to achieve and fulfill its purposes and objectives.


  • to create and foster fellowship through music;

  • to give music students an opportunity to meet with one another and, by personal contact and exchange of ideas, to broaden the individual outlook;

  • to strengthen a devotion and loyalty to Alma Mater;

  • to develop character and leadership;

  • to encourage the highest possible scholastic attainment, excellence of individual performance; and appreciation of good music

  • to give material aid to worthy students;

  • to manifest interest in young musicians.


  • to promote American music and musicians;

  • to further the work of composers;

  • to stimulate appreciation of good music at the community level;

  • to advance high ethical standards of professional conduct in the musical world;

  • to encourage understanding of the cultures of all nations;

  • to do any and all things conducive to the service, betterment, and ultimate welfare of musicians.


Supreme legislative powers are vested in the International Conference which meets triennially and is composed of elected and appointed officers, music representatives, and delegates from each collegiate and alumni chapter. The Delta Omicron Board of Directors, elected at the International Conference, conducts interim business. An executive office is maintained in Jefferson City, Tennessee.


Membership is on the basis of talent, scholarship and character and is open to music students enrolled in those schools where Delta Omicron Chapters are located, to music faculty members in those schools and to professional musicians.

Contact Debbie Beckner, Executive Secretary for additional membership information.

New Chapters

New chapters are established only in accredited schools. A petition, signed by the Chair of the Music Department, may be presented to the Board of Directors by interested students wishing to form a chapter of Delta Omicron on their campus.

For further information on starting a new chapter or club, go to the following:
Starting A New Collegiate Chapter
Starting A New Alumni Chapter or Club

Scholarships, Grants, and Awards

The Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity and Delta Omicron Foundation, Inc. provide support for scholarships, grants-in-aid, and awards to Delta Omicron chapters and members in good standing. Funding for the national projects is possible through endowments and gifts. For further information go here.