Starting a Collegiate Chapter

New chapters of Delta Omicron may be established only with the approval of the National Board of Directors. The establishment of collegiate is supervised by the International President.

Collegiate chapters may be established only in schools of music, music departments, or conservatories in accredited colleges and universities that offer a four-year music degree program. Colonization may be either through the organizing of eligible students or by admission of an established music club within the music department.

Membership is open to both male and female students. To be eligible for membership, a student must be a music major, a music minor, or the equivalent of a music minor and have completed at least the first term of the freshman year. The student must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student.

The academic requirements for membership are grade averages of at least a B in music courses and at least a C in other courses for the term immediately preceding election to membership. The candidate should possess the potential for superior musicianship. Persons who are already initiated members of other professional music fraternities (Phi Mu Alpha, Sigma Alpha Iota, Mu Phi Epsilon) are not eligible for membership in Delta Omicron.

Each chapter must have a Chapter Adviser and a Faculty Sponsor. The Chapter Adviser must be a Delta Omicron alumni or a faculty member who is willing to join Delta Omicron as a professional member. The Faculty Sponsor need not be a Delta Omicron member but willing to serve as liaison between the chapter and the music department administration.

Formal application for chapter formation is made by submitting a petition signed by at least 12 eligible students and the chair of the music department or school of music. Students who wish to petition for membership and who are located where a chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi Mu Alpha, or Mu Phi Epsilon already exists, must follow guidelines of the Shared Campus Agreement. After the petition is approved by the Board of Directors, the International President will guide the student group through the remaining steps toward chapter installation. For more information, contact the International President.